Some Questions You May Have…



What is Joes & Cos?

Joes & Cos is a new platform that allows you to find and visit different workspaces in the city from hotel lobbies and cafés to coworking spaces. We are currently in the Greater Copenhagen area, and soon to other locations. We believe that be productive should be an experience where you feel relaxed and engaged while being productive and experience spaces that let your mind think and your soul breathe. This is done with workspaces that are inviting and friendly with individuals that inspire and challenge you. We dare you to try something different and Joes & Cos allows you to find the best workspaces in the city close to your office or home.


What is coworking?

Coworking is becoming an increasingly popular option to the traditional office. Coworking allows freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes to interact in a working environment that is both fun and engaging.


Is coworking a better alternative than a traditional office space?

We believe that coworking spaces do provide a better alternative to the traditional office setup. Coworking is fun, affordable, and flexible which makes it easy for everyone. No more fixed costs associated with a traditional office. Tired of going to one spot or not having the right inspiration or interactions, change it up. Joes and Cos gives you access to different great spaces. Just simply buy credits and go to wherever you like, whenever you like. Sounds easy, right. It is!


When can I access spaces?

Each location has its own set of hours where you can come in and start your coworking day. Therefore, hours are conveniently located in the Joes & Cos app under each location pin. Easy peasy.


Can I book a meeting room?

We are currently working with 100 hamsters turning the wheels of our developer’s computer and coffee machine. With all this, we have yet to implement this functionality to our platform, but we’re working hard on this. You are more than welcome to ask the reception of each space and make a reservation for the room you would like.


Do you provide access to workspaces by the hour?

Unfortunately, we are unable at this time to provide access to coworking spaces at an hourly rate.

Get productive with Joes & Cos today.